Saturday, December 3, 2005

Context Management System

I'm not even sure that this post has the same perspective that I do on what a Context Management System should. I agree with the comments about intent. We need to surface intent of both conscious and unconscious varieties. The trick to this is realizing that intent isn't a simple scalar value, but rather a multifaceted matrix of factors, with varying degrees of consciousness.

Isn't this the crux of context. My use of the term phrase Context Management System (CxMS) is as an actualy user application that serves to offset the idea of a Content Management System (CMS). Having worked at Vignette back in the day when CMS systems where in a larval stage (and syndication make eyeballs transferrable), I have some sense of the value and the mind-shift that occurs when one separates implementation from content. A similar mind-shift is occurring now as we learn to separate content from context.

It may seem at first that this is just a linear extrapolation of the CMS with a few extra features and a bit more abstraction. I believe that the impact of shifting to a world-view where contribution is a matter of establishing context has far-reaching ramifications that we can't even begin to fully appreciate.

You may ask, "Why the melodrama, David? Just trying to up your pageviews?" Well, yes, who isn't. But that isn't the sole reason for the urgency

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