Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Interviews on Creativity

At the American Creativity Association conference in Austin, Texas March 22 - 25, 2006, Catherine Crago and I interviewed many of the keynote speakers and some of the other speakers. These interviews were with:

Abdullah Taha Alsafhi (King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia) - Risk Taking as a Factor of Creative Thinking
Adam Blatner (Southwest University) - Creativity in the Cosmos: A Philosophical Appreciation Presenting the "Process of Thought"
Ann Herrmann-Nehdi (Herrmann International) - Extreme Creativity: A Perspective on the Future
Cheryl Honey (Excel Strategies) - Community Weaving: A New Solution for a New Century
Randall Macon (Lance Armstrong Foundation) - Creative Marketing and Fundraising
Carol McCormick (SpiritMind Institute) - ET Light: Enlarging the Circle of Creativity to Include the Doctor Who's
Andrew Ouderkirk (3M) - Creativity is Not Being Afraid to Fail
Alex Pattakos (The Innovation Group) - Discovering the Meaning Difference: Creativity and Responsibility
Kirpal Singe (Singapore Management University) - Whither the Creativity Clan: The Challenges for Global Solidarity
David Pearce Snyder (Snyder Family Enterprise) - A Formula for Sustainable Global Prosperity

All of these can be found at http://creativity-at-work.blogspot.com.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Innovation Commons Summary

The following two presentations summarize the work to date on the innovation commons. Download the presentation and then view the presentation while listening to the audio:

Creating an Innovation Commons
CreatingInnovationCommons (pdf, 208 kb)
CreatingInnovationCommons (mp3, 58 mb)

Trends in Organizational Creativity and Innovation
InnovationTrends (pdf, 169 kb)
InnovationTrends (mp3, 49 mb)