Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Interviews on Creativity

At the American Creativity Association conference in Austin, Texas March 22 - 25, 2006, Catherine Crago and I interviewed many of the keynote speakers and some of the other speakers. These interviews were with:

Abdullah Taha Alsafhi (King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia) - Risk Taking as a Factor of Creative Thinking
Adam Blatner (Southwest University) - Creativity in the Cosmos: A Philosophical Appreciation Presenting the "Process of Thought"
Ann Herrmann-Nehdi (Herrmann International) - Extreme Creativity: A Perspective on the Future
Cheryl Honey (Excel Strategies) - Community Weaving: A New Solution for a New Century
Randall Macon (Lance Armstrong Foundation) - Creative Marketing and Fundraising
Carol McCormick (SpiritMind Institute) - ET Light: Enlarging the Circle of Creativity to Include the Doctor Who's
Andrew Ouderkirk (3M) - Creativity is Not Being Afraid to Fail
Alex Pattakos (The Innovation Group) - Discovering the Meaning Difference: Creativity and Responsibility
Kirpal Singe (Singapore Management University) - Whither the Creativity Clan: The Challenges for Global Solidarity
David Pearce Snyder (Snyder Family Enterprise) - A Formula for Sustainable Global Prosperity

All of these can be found at http://creativity-at-work.blogspot.com.

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