Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Vision for America

The Obama-Biden transition team is seeking citizen input on what they want for America. You can enter yours at This is my view.

My vision for America is stated in the present tense, but describes a condition I think we should aspire to:

America is a country where we have three strong and independent systems that provide stability and energy for growth –a political system, an economic system and a cultural system. The political system is a democratic republic with a high amount of citizen engagement and involvement. The economic system is built on a new monetary system that is not fueled by debt but on true value added to society as a whole. We have abandoned economic value added to stockholders as the only measure of an enterprise’s worth. The cultural system is pluralistic, and religions, as part of the cultural system, do not seek to impose their will, rather they seek through conversations with each other and the other elements of the cultural system to find common cause and values. These three systems are supported by technology.

Leaders in each of these three systems ennoble, enable, empower and encourage citizens to collaborate within the system, and across the systems. They seek not to dominate or to compromise but to create new.

Citizens are constantly aware of the past, present and future in all decisions they make, and leaders are aware of their role as caretakers of the past, present and future.

We continually seek to expand our concept of the systems within which we solve problems, and avoid solving problems within subsystems.

We embrace change and foster innovation.

We share an ennobling vision for America.

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