Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Inspiring 21st Century Scientists and Citizens to Explore a Complex World

Santa Fe Institute

"The core problem is that our education and training systems were built for another era. We can get where we must go only by changing the system itself." —National Center on Education and the Economy 2007, Tough Choices for Tough Times

Learn@sfi is educating the next generation of scientists and citizens. Since 1984, SFI’s leadership role in multidisciplinary research has provided the foundation for educational and outreach programs that challenge the next generation’s brightest scholars and inspire the broader population to think critically about the complex problems facing science and society today.

The learn@sfi philosophy seeks to help students, educators and citizens understand the complex, interacting systems that make up the world around us. Programs for students of all ages and backgrounds prepare today’s scientists, inspire new communities, improve pedagogical methods, and build the foundation for systemic, long-term change in science education.

The study of complex systems through a multidisciplinary approach offers a powerful framework for improving science literacy in all citizens and educating the next generation of scientists, born into a networked world and comfortable with thinking across disciplinary boundaries.


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