Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Becoming Your Own Futurist

You are in the cross hairs of change. Demographic, sociopolitical, technological and economic forces are driving significant, maybe even revolutionary, change in your industry. In times of systemic change, you have to ask yourself the question, "Do I need to become a prophet in order to have a profit?" I think that the answer is a resounding "Yes!". In this talk I will establish some steps you will have to take to become your own futurist. I will discuss three steps - how to develop insights about the future, how to use those insights to become competitive, and how to become a futurist. In addition

Paul Schumann is a practicing futurist with expertise in creativity and innovation. He has lived long enough to see forecasts fail and succeed, including some of his own. He had a thirty year career with IBM in three very different arenas - as a technologist and technology manager in semiconductor technology, as an internal entrepreneur creating the first independent business unit within IBM, and as a cultural change agent developing a more creative and innovative culture. Since retiring from IBM he has been consultant as a business futurist with programs in creativity and innovation.


Embedded Videos

Double Pendulum Demonstrating Cyclical and Chaotic Future

The Cycle of a Day Demonstrating How We Learn About Cycles

Ocean Waves Demonstrating Chaos

Tsunami Demonstrating Complexity

Demonstration of the Communication of a Scenario

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