Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chaos Theory and Careers

I made some comments previously on this concept. (Where Will You Be in 30 Years)

Here is a copy of an article.

I think the authors are right in asserting that humans are complex systems and that they operate in complex systems. However his treatment of chaos and its applications to people fall short of the mark. Some of his examples and stories are amusing but I don't think that they actually capture the essence of complexity. I think he misunderstands chaos and makes a leap that's not credible to apply chaos to careers.

However, an approach of thinking of the person as a complex system operating in multiple complex systems may be an important clue in understanding complexipacity. We can be adaptive intelligent agents with the property of emergence. We can also be a complex system in a critical state subject to periods of stasis followed by unpredictable changes of unpredictable magnitude. And, we can be a chaotic complex system sometimes changing unexpectedly between states of being or disintegrating into periods of incoherence.

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