Thursday, September 8, 2011

Creating Jobs

It’s very frustrating listening to all the political talk, commingled with chest thumping, about creating jobs. As it reflects our society, it’s all about increasing, decreasing or allocating taxes and regulations. We’ve created a financial industry based on the same concept – manipulation of money and regulation – that brought us to our knees when the house of cards collapsed, and we’re still in the same position.

The way to create jobs is through innovation that creates wealth and improves the common weal. This requires the ennobling, enabling, empowering and encouraging of the people.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Corporations are very profitable and are sitting on a pile of cash. Invest that money by hiring Americans to work on innovations that create value throughout the world. (Are they sitting on that cash and not investing it because they want an even more laissez faire government?)
  • Invest in innovations that enable American workers to create value through innovation
  • Reduce the inequity in wealth and income in America so that Americans can buy houses, consume goods and invest in the future
  • Stop being a tool of business and start using business as a tool
  • Establish the ethos that a corporation is a form granted by and for the people
  • Hold business responsible for taking the easy way of reducing costs by out sourcing and off shoring. Have them innovate to reduce costs and invest in the people to produce new value through innovation.
  • Just like American citizens have to renounce all other citizenship, American business should be required to pledge allegiance to America.
The first part of this post was published 9/8/11. The following was posted on 9/23/11.

Listen to this interview of Michigan's former Governor Jennifer Granholm. She is the first person I've heard that speaks clearly about the problem of creating jobs and makes sound suggestions about how to accomplish that objective.

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And, then here's some comments from Elizabeth Warren, former Special Advisor for the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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