Friday, June 25, 2004

Innovation 2004

An ambitious initiative is underway that you should be aware of. Joyce Wycoff, The Innovation Network, has launched an initiative to:

- Create a collaborative learning process that gathers the collective experience, thinking and wisdom of a cross-section of innovation practitioners, consultants and academics in the emerging discipline of innovation.

- Synthesize the collective wisdom into an easy to use and understand report.

- Distribute the report as widely as possible through various associations and publications, which focus on organizational innovation.

The breadth of the initiative as well as the response to this initiate has been impressive. A web site, blog, wiki and survey have already been created. Numerous people have already contributed some of their expertise to the effort.

If you're interested in innovation, you not only need to be aware of this project, you should join it. Go to the Innovation 2004 web site. There you can explore the project, the results to date and determine how you would like to get involved.

Paul Schumann

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