Friday, June 25, 2004

Innovative Search Engine

Want to try an innovative search engine? Then try KartOO. KartOO is a meta search engine with a graphical interface. KartOO launches your query to the most relevant set of search engines, gathers the results and compiles them in series of interactive maps.

KartOO uses a set of symbols to represent the type of source found, i.e. web page, home page, sponsored content, PDF, etc. The size of the symbol represents the significance to the search term. The graphical interfaces display the results in relation to each other. It displays the linkages and the key words that link them. When you move your cursor over a selection, the screen lights up illuminating the connections. At the same time, in a column on the left side of the screen, the description of the found content is displayed. Clicking on the site opens another page and the web page is displayed. Clicking on the key words modifies the search to include that key word. If you highlight the keyword just by moving your cursor to it and then move to the right column, there is a function to remove that keyword form your search.

As the results of the search are displayed, the left hand column displays the subjects contained on the page that are related to the search term. The colors represent a characterization of the subject, i.e. subject found in descriptions of several sites. A click on one of those subjects produces a search for that subject.

In the right column, the web site addresses that are on the page are displayed. Sponsored sites are shown there as well as KartOO commands.

The search box can accept many logical instructions. Look at the help page to find them. Some are different than other search engines. The search box can also except natural language questions, but make sure to include the question mark.

KartOO has some very powerful features. But, like any new tool, it requires learning. Try it on some difficult searches where you may be unsure about the search words. I have found it particularly useful in those situations.

Go to KartOO and give it a try. But don't just try it once. Go back several times until you get used to its difference.

Paul Schumann

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