Wednesday, July 21, 2004


No that's not a typo. Well, really it is, but this one is intentional. Let me explain.

I don't think I'm dyslexic, but my fingers are. I never learned to type properly, and I've developed my own hybrid system of "touch" and one finger "hunt and peck" typing. It's fast, but inaccurate. Thank goodness for spell check. What I often do is reverse letters or get all the letters in the word but scrambled. I type the word strategy quite often and unless I really slow down and concentrate I will invariably type startegy.

The other day I did it again and I was very frustrated with my inability to correct this often made mistake. I sat there looking at the word and it occurred to me. "Am I sending myself a subliminal message?"

I'm a very intuitive person so strategies, scenarios and systems constantly swirl in my head. In Myers-Briggs parlance that's an "N" type. However, there is my opposite, the "S" type (Sensing). Sensing types don't see the big picture; they see the details. They like lists, to-do-lists and the like.

So maybe the message of startegy is to remember to consider the starting point of a strategy. Like any journey of exploration, as a strategy is, the journey has to begin somewhere.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Confucius

So the next time you write a strategy, don't forget to also write a startegy. Where do you put your foot for that first step?

Paul Schumann

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