Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why Societies Collapse

In the video, Jared Diamond, author of Germs, Guns & Steel, describes his five point system for examining whether a society will collapse or not. The five conditions are:

1. Human impact on the environment: Inadvertently destroying the resource they depend upon
2. Climate change: Inability to cope with change
3. Relationships with friendly neighboring societies: How they help in times of crisis
4. Relationships with hostile societies: How they prevent perceiving other threats
5. Political, economic, social, and cultural factors in a society that enable the society to perceive and solve its problems.

In seems to me that this is very worthy of discussing. Can we apply these five factors to the US right now?

We are in a crisis right now that is economic, cultural, societal, political, demographic and environmental. If this is a topic you’d like to pursue, respond to this blog.

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