Friday, October 9, 2009

A Morning Twitter Poem

A Morning Twitter Poem*

Morning house silence,
Pre paper-on-the-driveway thud,
Or even the comforting clacking
Of the automatic coffee maker turning itself on.

Our evolution,
Path toward peace:
The power of a moral character.
The second great depression.
What else is there that I can enjoy right now?

Collecting stories and their visual display.
A way for what?

Running down the road,
Trying to loosen my load.
I've got stupid questions on my mind.

Me add gentle.
Wishing every day was a holiday.
Wondering about this whole Twitter thing.

It's weird when you realize,
You don't really know anyone,
That goes to your old high school anymore.

It's going to be a longgggg day.

So what is true and
What is not is
What I think about.
Will need help with that.

Let's see...
I need more coffee.

* All these statements were abstracted from this morning's twitter.

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