Wednesday, January 26, 2011

President's State of the Union

A Wordle of the President's State of the Union address is given below.

I found this particular configuration of Wordle interesting because it put people at the top with everything else hanging from the people. When you get past the words like America, American, Americans and government, the next most frequently used words were new, years, make, jobs, work, know, future. There was a clear emphasis on new.

Innovation was mentioned frequently, nestled in this Wordle with nation, jobs, spending, workers, economy and hard, among others.

I've been working on innovation for 50 years, and it was nice to see in mentioned as often as it was.

Now, are we ready to actually work on being innovative, or are we going to argue about it?

Link to Official State of the Union web site with video, full text with interactive features..

Click the image below to see the Wordle.

Wordle: State of the Union 1-25-11

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