Friday, January 7, 2011

Restoring the American Dream

Fareed Zakaria, GPS, CNN

This is an excellent video.

Restoring the American Dream (entire video of program)

Is the American Dream dead? And what can be done to revive it? You can see a special edition of "Fareed Zakaria GPS" dedicated to restoring the dream and building the American middle class back up.

For a glimpse on what the four CEOs think about how to restore the American dream check out their video excerpts below:

- To watch former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner on the state of the U.S. worker click HERE Video.
- To watch Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld on why Alcoa had to learn to do more with fewer workers click HERE Video.
- To watch Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent on whether jobs will come back to America click HERE Video.
- To watch Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the innovation war being fought with other nations click HERE Video.

And don't forget that this was also the topic of Fareed's first TIME Magazine cover story which you can read HERE.

Watch the podcast HERE Video.

And you can find the transcript for the entire show HERE.

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