Saturday, December 27, 2008

Old-New Year Metaphors

A Twitter from Daryl Cagle (dcagle) asking for thoughts on new metaphors for the change from the old to the new year got me to thinking. This is what I woke up with this morning.

Reversal: Old year is a baby and the new year is an old man. This is of course stolen from the movie Benjamin Buttons. There is some germ of truth in the metaphor. We do start a new year as an adult and many times leave whimpering like a baby.

Idea: Treat the year as an idea. The old year is a low wattage yellow bulb and the new year is a bright bulb. If you wanted to, you could combine two concepts and make the old year an incandescent light and the new year a compact fluorescent bulb. Or, maybe even an LED (Light emitting diode)

Dream: Treat each year as a dream. The dreamer in 2007 is creating the dream of 2008. But, also, the dreamer is the dream of a dreamer in 2006. Etc

Decision: Treat the new year as an opportunity with many pathways. We have to decide what 2008 will be. Quoting David Snyder, “The future evolves out of the realities of the past, shaped and filtered by the decisions of the present.”

Fire: Treat each year as a fire. The fire of 2007 is dying, but a bright blazing fire of 2008 beckons.

Race: Treat each year as a runner. The 2007 runner is handing the torch to 2008 while falling down. 2007 is tired. 2008 is vigorous.

Book: Treat the two years as chapters in the Book of America. Chapter 231 (2007) has a set of characteristics and Chapter 232 has an opposite set.
Chapter 231 Chapter 232
Secretive Open
Hierarchical Collaborative
War Peace
Fear Hope
Religious Spiritual
Scarcity Abundance
Materialistic Intellectual
Past Future
Traditional Innovative
Training Education
Components System
Uniformity Diversity
Dissipative Ecological
Simplicity Complexity

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