Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Reinventing Your Business Model

One secret to maintaining a thriving business is recognizing when it needs a fundamental change.

by Mark W. Johnson, Clayton M. Christensen, and Henning Kagermann

♦ VIDEO: Watch a video interview with Clayton Christensen on the link between disruptive innovation and business model reinvention.

In 2003, Apple introduced the iPod with the iTunes store, revolutionizing portable entertainment, creating a new market, and transforming the company. In just three years, the iPod/iTunes combination became a nearly $10 billion product, accounting for almost 50% of Apple’s revenue. Apple’s market capitalization catapulted from around $1 billion in early 2003 to over $150 billion by late 2007.

This success story is well known; what’s less well known is that Apple was not the first to bring digital music players to market. A company called Diamond Multimedia introduced the Rio in 1998. Another firm, Best Data, introduced the Cabo 64 in 2000. Both products worked well and were portable and stylish. So why did the iPod, rather than the Rio or Cabo, succeed?


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